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The Little Wind Witch is a book about handling whatever life throws at you, with a magical twist. A young girl is told that she has to reign over a kingdom, marry someone she does not love and fight a war, all in the space of a few days. Not phased by this, she lives life one moment at a time, proving that words are just words, and you don't always have to do what you're told.

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    New page: Add Image Marcus is a Fire Magi who was sent with Rock and Stone, the two lackwit Earth Magi, to interupt Mission RA2. ApperanceEdit Marcus has...
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    New page: Add Video Add Image Icarus is a young Sky Cadet, son to Rowan and secret lover to Autumn. He, like all Air Magi, has grey hair and eyes. ...
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    New page: Add Video The Air Magi are peaceful people, content on living their lives away in their city in the clouds, The Pinncale. The colours of the Air...
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  • new page Autumn Fall
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    New page: Add Video Add Image Autumn Fall is a 16 years old girl who lost her father, and, believing she was the one who killed him, lives her life in fear...
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